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Life Coaching

Gain the clarity, confidence, and courage you need to find and fulfill your purpose with transformational one-on-one life coaching.

Life coaching is a non-directive, co-creative partnership designed to maximize personal and professional potential.
Drawing on techniques from the fields of psychology, sociology, and human performance, coaching is a highly effective system for increasing self-awareness, building on strengths, and developing actionable plans for success.


There's a purpose for every lifetime, and a purpose for every time in life. My focus is on empowering passionate difference makers to lead courageous, authentic lives so that they can find and fulfill their purpose.


I work with servant leaders, creative professionals, and social entrepreneurs. Clients include business owners, executives, health care professionals, published authors, performing artists, and non-profit founders. 


Coaching provides the ideal space for getting crystal clear on priorities, setting relevant goals, and determining a course of action leading directly to the attainment of a satisfying life filled with purpose and passion.

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"Working with Charles through Full Integration Coaching has helped me embrace life with a level of joy and passion that I'd previously not been able to experience."

- D.D., Business Owner, Teacher

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Recovery Coaching

Grow on your path to recovery from addictions and live the life of purpose and meaning that's been waiting for you

Professional recovery coaching is a strengths-based process which helps individuals remove personal and environmental barriers to recovery from addictive disorders and take action towards the realization of their visions, goals, and desires.

Recovery coaching has its roots in the field of professional life coaching and is aligned with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) core competencies and ethics.


Develop greater self-awareness, define obstacles, and implement effective strategies for anything that stands in the way of a full and satisfying recovery from addictions of all kinds.


Identify what will help you to avoid relapse and stay on the path of recovery no matter what life brings your way so that you can achieve long-term sobriety and learn to live a life free from addictions.


Move beyond your addictions and discover the true you that's been waiting to be found as you develop confidence, increase resilience, and lead a life filled with purpose and passion.

Individuals | Groups | Families

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Talks, Workshops & Retreats

Get inspired by motivational and educational talks, workshops and retreats centered on leading a life filled with purpose

Looking for a speaker? I'm ready to help bring out the best in your business, organization, school, or event with my engaging and impactful talks and workshops.
I'm known for creating an inspirational, authentic connection with audiences of all kinds and for producing actionable takeaways. Key topics are goal setting, burnout prevention, self-empowerment, and living on purpose.



One of my most popular talks. Realistic, relevant, and practical strategies for preventing burnout, increasing mental clarity and emotional resilience, maintaining long term high-level performance, and improving life balance.


Learn the 3 secrets to leading a self-empowered life. Name and claim your gifts, play to your strengths, practice self-care, and learn to say "no" to non-priority tasks. Stop settling and start soaring with the Power of O.N.E.


Why do we set goals and end up giving up on them so often? Discover the most common pitfalls that keep you from reaching the finish line. Go the distance with a new approach and experience Goal Setting Success.

Corporate | Nonprofit | Groups

All talks are customizable for your group

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"Charles was incredibly motivating and really connected to our staff through his personal story and nonprofit experience. He really brought his expertise to the table."

Keeley White

Food for Health and Seniors Manager

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma



Get the support, space, and inspiration you need to bring your creativity to life. Mini-workshops led by Charles Gosset and Lisa Marotta will give you powerful new tools to recharge your creative mojo.


Join us on a journey of purpose and passion. Learn how to turn daily routines, struggles, and disappointments into opportunities for awakening and fulfillment on this exciting pilgrimage inspired retreat.

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Additional retreats are available around these topics:





Intentional Living

"This retreat allowed me to rediscover the creative self I so neglected. I wasn't sure what to expect but I'm thankful I came. I learned about creating in new ways."


- Mindful Muse Participant