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Purpose Coaching with OSU-OKC

Big news about a new partnership for reaching second chance professionals.

I'm thrilled to announce that I've partnered with the Center for Social Innovation at Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City, through my coaching business, to provide Purpose Coaching to participants transitioning from community rehabilitation or diversion programs in our area.

The Center for Social Innovation (CFSI) is a one-of-a-kind program that gives purpose and hope, full of opportunities and support, all in a college setting. Participants are enrolled in college classes, have intern positions related to their field of study, and receive first class access to a variety of personal and professional development services.

My role is to apply my training as a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation, along with my personal experience in addiction recovery, to help move students towards their own individual purpose and hope goals. I'm also helping them to develop resiliency, authenticity, emotional intelligence and tenacity on their unique path forward.

CFSI has a vision of becoming the benchmark for holistic change and professional development for the recovery and mental health community, in partnership with community colleges, four-year universities, technology centers, and any other educational institutions.

The potential for this program to revolutionize communities across the country and beyond is tremendous. And I'm beyond excited to play a part in helping them to make that vision a reality, starting here in the OKC metro.

God's fingerprints have been all over this partnership from the beginning. I'm a proud graduate of OSU Stillwater, but was very much active in my alcoholic addiction at the time. I recently celebrated 15 years of continuous sobriety and am living a life I wouldn't have dreamed was possible. This is a homecoming in the purest sense.

Special thanks to Dar Yasseri, the visionary Vice President of Student Experience at OSU-OKC, along with Ariel Moore, the inspiring Senior Director of the Center for Social Innovation, for the chance to change lives...on purpose.


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